Themed hats

Crochet projects

I love making hats. They work out fast, and can be as cute as a teddy hat, a chic slouchie or as simple as a basic beanie.
Knowing your size is important, the rest of add-ons depends on the requirement. Pom-poms, earflaps, tieups, drawstrings, and many more… Your imagination is the limit.

              THEME :  Harry Potter – Gryffindor House

My favourite theme to play with. This earflap-hat is for a toddler’s size. It fits a circumference of 18 inches and is for a 2-3year old. Since it is for D, I did not add any tassels/braids, instead, I added the pompom detail at the top of the hat and a snitch applique on the front. He loves it!



THEME :  Minions

A short and a cute project. Could complete it in 3 hours.


The size is for a 1 to 2 year old, you could add up/ decrease rows to make a bigger/smaller size.


THEME :  Rainbow

So this one is a rainbow hued hat. I used all seven colors, No it is not variegated color yarn. Each row is worked in a different color and fastened off. It fits an adult with a head circumference 22 inches exactly. Looks good on girls!

rainbow hat





Coffee. Crochet. Blogging

Quick tales

The mere scent of coffee makes my head reel. I’m a craver. For me, a daily dose of my caffeine shot is mandatory. And recently I’ve found out the best way. 

What won’t I give to sit and sip my favorite concoction while doing my favorite thing on earth… (You heard me right) Crochet!

So. While D plays away in his playschool, I have a whole 2 hours all by myself. Not at home, mind you, I stay put outside his school the whole time.

Now, there’s this soothing and relaxing outlet called Café Coffee Day nearby. I hope you know of it. And I couldn’t resist. And so, this is what happens Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 11.00 am, without fail!

So I drink while I work on my next project. The heady indulgent aroma of coffee gets to me.

No wonder, I named my blog after Coffee! 

See you soon with my next project. It’s a themed hat by the way. What exactly is the theme, I shall reveal it in my next blog. Keep smiling.

White mommy Matilda and The tiny Blues

Crochet projects

I am back with two more installments of the angry birds. I had made my first amigurumi way back in 2013 while I was preggers. It was the Red cardinal angry bird and  I had made it for my Dad’s car. Somehow it has landed in my home now. That’s entirely another story.

My son D is a big fan of the Angry birds… Movie, game, surprise eggs anything and everything. He kept playing with the old red cardinal and I decided to whip up some playmates for him.

So here we are with versions of the white egg bird called Matilda and the small fuzzy one called the Blues.

And then D had asked me –

Where’s Matilda’s egg and why isn’t the blue one splitting up into 3??? I gave him a real boiled egg and handled the situation but as for the blues, I had no answer to give!

Next on is the black bird called Bomb!

Hooded cardigan

Crochet projects

A cute little cardigan for a cute little one.

This sweater here is again a baby project. A new addition in our extended family, and it’s a boy. Winter is anyway round the corner and so I thought a hooded cardigan would be ideal for gifting. 

A fairly easy project, worked in double crochet stitches all over. I used three colors and the stripes pattern, so this sweater could be used as unisex. This the first time I tried making a hooded one and it turned out a success. 

The size is for  a 6/18 months baby. For a larger size you need to increase the cape and extend the length. 


DIY Painted Cushions

Quick tales

So Mr. Couch got a makeover recently. V and me planned to get some comfort companions for Mr. Couch. I ordered a few cushions and cushion covers online. Well, the covers were plain, and you know how I can’t stand seeing anything naked. So I decided to become the makeup artist.
Now our couch is a Mr. So I needed something lady-like to go with it. And I had these Fevicryl 3D paint tubes lying around since ages.

No messy paints, pallettes, or brushes!! I am a happy person.

On Sunday afternoon, I got them out and started with much enthusiasm. I finished the same afternoon, like an hour later, with the same gusto. They took time to dry out and today, I reverse  ironed the covers.

So I present to you the 3 Mistresses of my Mr. Couch…


The Mrs. Beanstalk

             The Mrs. Beanstalk


The Mrs. Mandala

              The Mrs. Mandala


Mrs. Sunshine

               The Mrs. Sunshine


And now for the Family Picture…


Oooh! look, there’s a baby too… In gold… I forgot to mention, this little one is totally my own creation, the cushion, the cover and all.

Openwork crochet : Classic frock

Crochet projects

So finally I am back with another creation. I  can’t believe it has been nearly a month that I wrote. Yes, I have been that busy with one thing or the other, “busy as a bee” or so they say.
Well, now that I have completed it, it’s time to share with you folks.

I made the frock in two parts. I started on with the yoke, preferred to keep it sleeveless. Joined in the round, added a violet belt, and then started with the skirt portion.

The flowers pattern has been a difficult one, since this was my first one in openwork. I needed a big skirt which should fall over the knees. Nevertheless, it was worth the effort.

I do not have great pictures of this one, I have clicked one with my phone, put up with me.


Simple Spring Scarf.

Crochet projects

Yes, I keep talking about crochet. But, you know … the addiction. So today I’m happy to share my simple scarf crochet pattern with you.
It’s something I made up, although I’m sure there’s something similar already out there. It’s simple, it’s classic, and most importantly, it’s easy to do, for beginners especially, and not like those time consuming heavy patterned larger projects which lay forgotten in your stash. I have a couple of projects with yarns wrapped around them stored away snugly, sitting at the back of my stash. But now’s not the time to talk about them.

If you’re looking to spice up your spring wardrobe then now is the time to work up this bright three-toned classic scarf. I say classic, I mean classic.

Well, i have used only double crochet stitches all over and nothing else. Hence, classic! Since I used a brilliant variegated cotton yarn i decided to keep the design simple, as you can see, the color pattern speaks for itself. I have given a touch of tassels at both ends to add more length. So it served another purpose as well, I liked how the tassels made the scarf look wavy in the spring breeze.

This scarf can be made for all sizes from children to adults, but more yarn is required for adults. You’ll want to keep the scarf at least 4 feet long, I like it that way.

Now that I have this crochet scarf in time for spring, I’m sure to make my friends jealous with this one, they’ll want one too!!

Check out the scarf here:


Russian join your yarn ends

Crochet projects, Quick tales

The technique seemed so crazy when I first saw it. Today I got a chance to try it out.
Russian join your yarn ends. Finally busted. It’s so easy once you get a hang of it.
No ends to sew in. It blends so well.
Anyway I am using the same color yarn and the pattern is continuous. So no issues.
FYI : I have started on a new project, and will post it soon.

For now, Russian join your yarn ends. Cracked. Busted. Whatever.


Chevron lace Cardigan

Crochet projects

A ravelry pattern. To say. I have tweaked it here and there to suit my style better. The wool is a 100% microfibre yarn in Nako Pirlanta Series.
This Cardigan is an all-weather-worn. It can be styled with a fitting tee with or without sleeves. A thermal full sleeves tee would go best with it for winters.
It’s a seamless crochet technique worked from right to left. The upper body is loosely knit and coming down, the stitches are smaller but more in number.
Note that the i have kept the sleeves of this Cardigan to 3/4ths.
With an intention.